You want to know more about me? Awwww, aren't you lovely!

I'm El Edwards, happiness writer, mental health champion, Jesus geek and founder of the Itchy Soul Playground.

An irrepressible silver-lining spotter with a compulsion to say the stuff most other people only say in their heads, I'm here to help you thrive, simply by being Youier, the person God created you to be.

But it doesn't happen by accident, that's why we're going to be Youier By Design - because God knows "now what?" even when you don't.

Ultimately, God's purpose is for you to be you, the person He created you to be. Shining Jesus's love into the world, in relationship with your Creator, fuelled by His love.

The "what" and "how" become less important than the "who"!

But of course God loves details and, made in His image, specificity is important to us too. We don't just sit in the "who".

It's time, God-helping us, to scratch those soul itches. To step up and be the people God created us to be.


I don’t believe in checklists or the need to make a bunch of changes as the secret to real, long-lasting day to day happiness and success.

What I do believe in is the power of community, a safe place for you to be you, embracing your quirks & eccentricities, letting them out to play, so you can apply carefully chosen bible-friendly mind hacks and get real about what’s going on inside your head.

And that’s why I created the Itchy Soul Playground.

I can't wait to show you around!